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a possible drawdown with u.s. secretary general. for now, though the fighting continues. israeli air strikes killed nearly 40 people today, groups in gaza respondented by shooting nearly 100 rockets in israel. and on the israeli side of the border things appeared remarkably calm today. this picture has caused a stir online. it shows israelis watching passively as in-coming missiles sail over head. so why to israelis feel so comfortable out in the open as missiles fly above them? because of something called the iron dome. it's a defense system that uses radar to detect in-coming rockets and determine where they will land. if it is headed towards a populated area the gunner shoots the missile out of the sky. it is particularly good at detecting the smaller, older rockets that the palestinians use. iron dome has had an incredible 85% successful rate against the 300 rockets the palestinians have fired. the gulf missiles intercepted less than 10% of their target. iron dome has always made a huge difference. as of today, israel has only reported three deaths. in gaza the dea
actually born during that time and those kids are u.s. citizens. but his links to this country certainly are going to be put to the test tomorrow when secretary of state hillary clinton joins the peace talks. she actually landed in tel aviv tonight and she offered strong praise for the egyptian president. >> we appreciate president morsi's personal leadership and egypt's efforts thus far. as a regional leader and neighbor, egypt has the opportunity and responsibility to continue playing a crucial and constructive role in this process. >> jennifer: morsi has been in close contact with president obama as well and the two spoke today for the third time in the last 24 hours. but nonetheless, this is really going to be a tough balancing act for morsi. on the one hand, egypt needs to keep its good relations with the united states in order to secure the $1.3 billion in military aid that the u.s. gives it each year as well as the additional support it gets from institutions like the world bank. and then on the other hand,
.d. power and associates predicts that "electric vehicles will remain a very small part of the u.s. market unless automakers can lower prices and demonstrate the economic benefits to consumers." of course, the most expensive part of the electric vehicle is the battery. and that battery costs between $12,000 and $15,000 today. but it is always this way with new technologies. they start out, as you know, really pricy and they come down over time. for example the cost of a cell phone in 1982 was almost $4,000. and it weighed in at over two pounds. but by 1996, the cost was down to just $1,000. what a bargain. fast forward to today and the average phone costs about $200 and if you're a bagg ain shopper, it cab less than that. so similarly, the price of electric cars and that battery is coming down. demand is going up. sales of electric cars have increased by about 180% over last year and smart policies are helping to push even more production. for example, the obama administration implemented a federal program this yea
everybody. >> i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in the war room, the loss of 18,000 u.s. jobs is a painful and tragic lesson. the question is, will we learn from it? the best thing about eating a twinkie was the middle. we want to know what changed? the quick answer, is everything. everything always changes. there's a bridge that spans what is old and what is new for most things in life. the biggest trick is figuring out which side to stand on. let's start tonight with some hot political news. there is a fire storm in washington over a move that the president hasn't even made yet. as you may have heard he's reportedly considering nominating susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state and already the republicans are on the offensive. they need to come out strong, because they're in the senate minority next term 55-45. the dems need 60 vote to overcome republican fill buster, so they need five republicans to join them if they want to confirm rice. republicans stall worth john mccain and lindsey mccain have come out strongly against her citing the benghazi attacks and her rema
,. >> exactly. >> jennifer: and u.s. corporate profits are at the highest they have been in u.s. history for the third quarter. in u.s. history. >> yes. yes. >> jennifer: all right, so where are the jobs? if the profits are the highest they have been in u.s. history where are the jobs? >> unfortunately, part of the reason that the profits are high, part of it, is that with demand coming back slowly, companies have been able to meet the demand, increase the production with not a lot of additional employment. or with a lot of temporary employment. [speaking at the same time] >> or employment that isn't that expensive to pay for. so basically, they can make profits because they are selling, their prices of what production, their cost of production are not rising as rapidly and therefore they have profits. >> jennifer: so what is going to happen to cause them to reinvest? >> well, i think what we are seeing now is as the economy -- as consumer confidence does pick up as the housing market does pick up, we get more demand.
people in the u.s. and caused billions of dollars of damage. unless you live in one of the affected areas you probably think things are back to norm. but that's because the media is barely cleaning up the cleanup efforts. in new york city, they're living in third world conditions, raw sewage continues to flow into water ways. thousands still have no power and direct subway service is not expected to return into the middle of next year. >> we were up to five feet of water. it was not water but it was all cesspool so it was sewage water. >> how much can a body tank. >> blankets, two socks three sweaters and gloves. >> they have got garbage they're cleaning in other areas and putting it on the beach here, yet we have still have garbage here. >> it's the way life is. >> jennifer: thousands of volunteers have flocked to the rockaways to help with the cleanup efforts tonight coming from new york, dr. sabaya, welcome to the war room. >> i'm having difficulty hearing you. >> jennifer: i can hear you, just a little bit faint. >> a little bit faint. hopefully they can turn up your microphone becaus
exchanged with general john allen. and who is general john allen? he is the top u.s. commander in afghanistan and he is the man who's nominated to be the supreme leader of nato. as you can imagine that, nomination was put on hold in light of all of these allegations. for the record, general allen denies any inappropriate relationship with kelley and these e-mails are described as flirtatious. so reaction to this unfolding and unbelievable drama is coming in from all sides a senior official close to general allen said of jill kelley, she is a nice bored rich socialite. senator dianne feinstein who heads the select intelligence committee that will investigate this whole petraeus affair finds the whole situation very tawdry. >> it's been like peeling an onion. every day another peel comes off. and you see a whole new dimension to this. >> jennifer: of course, conservative republicans like former u.n. ambassador john bolton are frothing at the mustache to politicize the scandal. oh goodness sakes. >> i think we
u.s.a.] >> jennifer: that look on his face, it's as if he was reminding himself of the deal he struck to get this far. that he wouldn't talk about the climate. even though when he was governor he acknowledged global warming as a real problem that requires real solutions. but instead, mitt romney is going to speak only for his corporate funders and the dirty energy empires that many of them run doing what he has to keep the pipelines of oil and campaign cash flowing. and that includes pandering to the far right who shout u.s.a. rather than confronting this frightening reality that we have entered a new normal in which everyday life is punctuated by frequent and intensifying natural climate disasters. and the megaphone of this fringe wing fox news, keeps reinforcing that message. >> where's the proof? these global warming claims have been debunked time and time again. >> you know what the problem is? there's more people living at the shore so there are more impacts. this is nothing to do with global warming. >> you
you are suggesting is the u.s. has to get in the game. >> richard mcgregor says the challenge of america is that it needs to be more like america and not chine a. the other countries are copying what we did. we would have strong investment in the work force. >> why did we turn away from it? >> in the 1880s you had a sense of -- for all those who say don't let america become like europe they quote for a radical ideology of no government intervention and that hasn't been america's huftry. we need to tell the proper story that even president reagan invested in a government program to help small and medium sized businesses cop -- compete. >> if the u.s. is not in the game we are aiding and abetting the decision of manufacturers to go offshore and facilitating the loss of jobs. do republicans step up to be able to provide the incentives that are necessary? >> republicans should look at their own history. president reagan cared deeply about the steel and autoindustry. >> i have to ask you one more question. are you goin
into your personal life -- >> absolutely. >> joy: because you can compromise u.s. intelligence and security. >> absolutely. and this was known before the election. i don't think that president obama just learned about this yesterday. so i think -- >> jennifer: that's what he said in his statement apparently. he said i went over to the white house yesterday and told them -- >> he may have gone over there and gave them the resignation, but if there has been an investigation into this, there splay been knowledge before the election, but we don't know for sure. >> jennifer: we don't. all of the foreign policy and defense positions, huge turnover in these critical posts, some of the names being floated as permanent replacement are john brenen, undersecretary of defense, the director for national intelligence. for the cia, is it important to get this one picked and in place quickly? >> yeah, absolutely. you want to move on from this. the cia will function a very capable organization, but you need someone at the-ment leading the direction. he had to be traveling and
the u.s. and egypt's muslim brotherhood. >> it's extremely important. the question is how durable this ceasefire will be. every day israelis living in the area around the gaza strip don't believe it's durable. tomorrow morning the schools in two of the towns within range, they are going to be close, and the reason is people aren't sure hamas will keep to its end of the bargain. >> jennifer: obviously those rockets out of the gaza today are some indication of that. this is not a permanent solution, but how are both sides spinning it? >> sure. there the israel standpoint they are saying this conflict has allowed us to demonstrate the resiliency of this iron dome defense system. gaza has been able to say we have been able to fight off a lot of attacks from israel this shows our resiliency. their coming to a ceasefire is a broader view from all perspective as well. >> jennifer: well, for sure. and both sides agree to stop firing, but there is something interesting in the agreement that says that israel will refrain from restricting palestinian residents free movemen
game, chief of staff. >> tony veragosa. >> joe said deval patrick. i said the u.s. attorney in new york. i actually think in the end eric holder is going to stick around. i don't think he's going anywhere right now. this of course should be a guide for your own draft that i'm sure is coming up in your own home. joe williams, thank you so much for being here, christine pelosi, thank you for coming in and playing. it's a little silly. we are fighting for the right for all americans to vote, not so silly. we'll that you be and much more with former faacp chairman julian bond. you're watching the war room only only current television. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation sensational relief. e number one thing tha
of marijuana remains a federal crime under 21 u.s. code section 844 putting those states and their citizens at odds with the federal government and federal law enforcement. mother jones reporter josh harkinson has been all over the story, joining me now. welcome back inside "the war room." >> glad to be here, jennifer. >> jennifer: glad to you have back to talk about an issue that's evolving obviously. the people may be ahead of the laws on this. smoking pot and -- the view of it was once considered a scourge. what's happened? >> i think started in 1996 when california voters passed prop 215 which was this really loosely-worded ballot measure that made medical marijuana legal and the following year, about 400,000 californians got these medical pot cards which really you could get for anything like hangnail or writer's cramp. i got one for writer's cramp myself. >> jennifer: wow. >> so it basically was essentially legal. >> jennifer: did you do that as an experiment as a reporter or did you do it becaus
said deval patrick. i said the u.s. attorney in new york. i actually think in the end eric holder is going to stick around. i don't think he's going anywhere right now. this of course should be a guide for your own draft that i'm sure is coming up in your own home. joe williams, thank you so much for being here, christine pelosi, thank you for coming in and playing. it's a little silly. we are fighting for the right for all americans to vote, not so silly. we'll that you be and much more with former get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. we have a big, big hour and the i.q. will go way up. how are you ever going to solve the problem if you don't look at all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and abo
. starting in january. there's going to be at least 97 women serving in the u.s. house and senate. that is a record. but there is a lot more we can do says pastor author, founder of sister giant marianne williamson. thanks again for joining me and sticking around. >> thank you. >> jennifer: so yeah you bet. you are known -- i have known you as a pastor and as an author and are you a spiritual activist. do you have some concern in recruiting women for political office about the separation between the spiritual and the political? >> well, certainly as you know, jennifer, the separation of church and state and the constitution is one of the more enlightened, one of the most enlightened aspects of the constitution and it was placed there by the founders to protect both government from any religious interference as well as religion from any kind of governmental interference. when i give talks on the course of miracles every week in los angeles, no policemen gets to come in and say break it up, you're not on the list.
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)